Vision and Mission
Walk with us on this wonderful Adventure!

Vision: To reach all of Brazil, its people where they are and Beyond to the uttermost parts of the earth with the hope and Love of Jesus Christ.

Mission:Restoration of Servant Shepherds and a people after Jesus own heart who accomplish all of Gods will for their lives. To be a people who love God with all their heart and Love people with Jesus love.

  1. Prayer is the key, 24 hours a day, 7 day-a-week prayer rooms are set up in each city: Prayer walking is done weekly with each church participating. Prayer groups are formed and God’s anointing flows from obedience to Jesus through intimacy with Him.

  2. Jesus Focused Leadership, Discipleship and Evangelism. All churches of Biblical faith and practice meet in one location for Jesus Celebrations. We impart in the people all God has given us in organic anointed worship and preaching of the Bible, and intense times of prayer.

  3. Leadership revival meetings. Restoration and Reconciliation comes as leaders catch the vision for Revival. It moves and falls as the body of Christ comes together in Unity to confess sin and restoration of our first love with God and love for each other.

  4. We take the Hope and Love of Jesus to the people! The evangelists preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost in street evangelism, in jails, in factories, super markets, open air Come Celebrate Jesus celebrations, public school & college campus evangelism and any other venue God opens!

  5. Raise up and train anointed men and women for revival and Evangelism ministries. Some who attend our meetings are called, equipped and anointed to share Jesus with their city.

  6. Follow-up with new believers. Local Churches set up Discipleship meetings and home groups. All levels of each event are flexible and changeable accordingly to each persons need.

KSEA Ministries is a faith based organization partnering with all people of Biblical faith and practice. Partner with us today.

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