Church Planting Through Sharing Jesus



Planting a New Gathering of believers comes by much Prayer and Holy Spirit led Evangelism

We are commanded in Matthew 28:19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations “ We must tell the world about the Good news of Jesus Christ. KSEAMI intentionally targets small towns working with local missionaries and pastors to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ. Sharing His hope and love with everyone we encounter in these areas.

Whole Small towns are transformed by the working of the Holy Spirit and a new church is born in about a week during the event. The local pastor and missionary then set into motion ongoing discipleship through Bible study, teaching and encouragement while sharing life with the new believers.

One simple way is meeting with 2 or 3 new believers in homes or local coffee shops for prayer, bible study and life discussions. The three and a half years of Jesus ministry He invested in 12 disciples, walking with them daily, teaching them and living His life before them. Though one betrayed him, the others after the resurrection of Jesus and filling of the Holy Spirit, turned their world upside down with the good news of Jesus Christ. He met them along the path of life and set the example along the way as He walked with them.

When I was in Bible training many years ago, I went through many evangelism programs. Most of which were to complex to implement with books full of information to plentiful to grasp. Our program has 1 page of training material and 3 hours of teaching. Then we go out and win souls. After which the local pastors begin discipleship.

The Apostle Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus, his life was changed forever. In His time on earth he reached many cities and Paul engaged in, very different cultures for Jesus. He wrote 75% of the New Testament and planted many growing churches through evangelism giving us a beautiful model to follow.


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